Convert Images From Video Frames— VLC

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You need to have a video that you want to break up into images. Later these images can be used for various purposes.

  1. Install VLC player (I tested this on Mac, but this should work on all the platforms.)
  2. Go to ‘preferences’ and click ‘show all’, down below:

3. Go to ‘video’‘filters’‘scene filter’

4. You will see something like following:

5. Here change the settings are per your requirements, my preference are following:

Image Format: png

Image width and height: based on your application, for Resnet : 224x224

Filename: As you like

Directory: Where you want to save all the extracted images, give the path.

Always write to the same file: Keep it unselected, if you want separate images.

Recording ratio: This is the most useful, Recording ratio is the frame interval after which an automatic screenshot is taken. For a 30 frame per second (fps) video, entering 300 as Recording ratio would take a screenshot every 10 seconds and 1500 would make it 50 seconds.

6. Last step is to go up and click on ‘filters’ and enable/tick-checkbox ‘scene video filter’

At times you may have to restart the VLC player (at least i found this issue on my macbook), but otherwise you are all set to have images to play with, awesome!

Youtube Video Download

Of course to play with video you need videos and often the best source is There are best options i see:

  1. Download natively on your machine using youtube-dl.
  2. Using VLC directly open the youtube video. Go to ‘File’ → ‘Open Network’ → Enter the ‘URL’ and hit ‘open’. If you face any problems opening please following below steps:

Replace youtube.luac file at location /Applications/ with this file and restart VLC.

CAUTION: Make sure you disable this feature, else it will extract every video you watch on VLC.

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